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The Whirlwind Difference

Customer Driven Designs:

We specialize in customer driven designs. Our agile engineering and fabrication departments allow us to respond and implement custom design changes on the fly. New models are guided by what the customer desires, not by what would be the cheapest or easiest to build. 

Power Sifting: 

Vibratory screens can adequately sift and size materials in most cases. However, agglomerated and clumpy materials present a challenge to these devices. Our unique "power sifting" action gently declumps/deagglomerates these materials into a uniform size granuale and removes contaminants. In addition, the compact footprint and high efficiency of our machines make them the ideal choice when floor space is limited.     


Our machines are extremely adaptable to a myriad of changing production requirements. For example, a machine originally built for powder sifting can easily become a snack grinder simply by changing the impeller. A fruit declumper can become a flour sifter by merely changing the sieve basket and impeller.

A customer who purchased an ES4 over 10 years ago moved the unit to a different facility. We provided a new spiral elevator section to his specifications and the unit now loads/sifts powders into a liquid kettle. This is more ergonomic, provides safely screened ingredients, and significantly reduces mix times. The new application is completely different from what the ES4 was originally built for.


Our machines are built to last and stand the test of time. Many machines, now decades old, are still in service today. We also offer complete refurbishment capabilities that can extend service life and get your machine running like new.

Residual Value: 

Some 13 year old machines recently sold at auction for over 80% of their original sale price. Our machines hold their value due to the classic design which is timeless and functional.

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Energy-Saving Results

Our high capacity grinders are built for efficiency. Our 7.5 horsepower Warthog can replace a 50 horsepower Hammer Mill. The energy-savings alone justified this machine purchase within months.


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