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No machine has proven as versatile as the ES4. This elevator sifter is the culmination of 70 years of process experience and offers superior results. Blend, sift, grind, convey and dump all with one compact machine.

- Quickly and easily configured to perform a variety of operations including: sifting, dry blending, continuous liquid addition and more.
- Machine is free-standing, self-contained and portable.
- Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel for wash duty. 

- Sieve Unit offers maximum versaitility and throughput. Mesh sized to meet application.
- Tailing Unit features a spinning conical perforated screen to control feed rate. Protects against accidental downtime and ensures maximum screen life
- Feed Control Plate features a spinning plate to control feed rate and distribute product evenly to sieve unit.
- Distribution Head/Fabric Cover provides dust containment and controls product distribution in blending operations.
- Extended Elevator/Conveyor can be retrofitted to machine if the process layout is altered.

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