We do what no one else can.

Cut our rework process down by 75%.

"We have been using the Whirlwind ES4 for grinding rework and are more than pleased with the results. The ES4 has cut our rework process down by 75%. Additionally, the quality of the product has increased by giving us a more uniform size product to work with. The ES4 has also benefited us by using it as a sifter. We occasionally receive dry ingredients that have clumps or have clumped over time. Sifting through the Whirlwind has allowed us to completely get rid of any clumps that may be present. The machine is fast, easy to use, and easy to clean! I recommend the ES4 and I am very pleased with the performance." - Bob Bakker, Little Dutch Boy Bakeries, Inc.

Salvaged $30,000 in one afternoon.

"We salvaged $30,000 worth of compressed dried cherries that were thought to be scrap by renting a machine for an afternoon. Needless to say, a machine was purchased shortly thereafter." - T.P., supervisor, major midwestern fruit drier

ES4 cut work time from 1 hour to 4.5 minutes.

"The ES4 cut a back breaking job of sifting and elevating 900 pounds of toasted flour from a time of 1 hour to 4.5 minutes. The machine has worked flawlessly. Needless to say, other divisions of our parent company are taking a closer look at our ES4." - P.H., maintenance supervisor, international food company

Whirlwind Engineering was unbelievably responsive.

"We looked through all types of equipment before we found the ES3 which did such a thorough job of blending that our people did blackflips when they saw the first sample. And when we needed service on a weekend, Whirlwind Engineering was unbelievably responsive." - Ted Reuter, president, St. Gabriel Laboratories