We do what no one else can.

Improved product quality and consistency.

"Portability was essential to our operations. The ES3 not only improved product quality and consistency during sifting and blending procedures, but allowed us the mobility to double its use." - Jim Leatherman, Lancer Dispersions

The machine paid for itself!

"We've been using the E3 for over 18 months to reprocess material, but the machine paid for itself within six weeks. It's allowed us to combine three operations in one while taking up about one-fourth the floor space." - Willard Saxby, senior manufacturing engineer, automotive company 

An incredibly easy to maintain machine.

"Using the ES4 for screening and conveying dry batter mixes, we've seen considerable labor savings and increased process efficiency. In addition, the machine is very easy to clean and maintain. The ES4 has been everything we expected and more. We've already ordered two more machines." - Steve Hinger, president, Drum Rock Specialty