Listed below are some of the materials processed by Whirlwind equipment.

Before gummiesSifting: Flours, Cake & Batter Mixes, Coffee Powders, Custard Powders, Cocoa Powders, Salts, Sugars, Starches, Baking Powders, Ice Cream Powders, Biscuit Mixes, Animal Feeds, Vitamins & Supplements, Milk & Protein Powders, Pharmaceutical Mixes, Dried Spices & Peppers, Detergent & Soap Powders, Aluminum Oxides, Zinc Oxides, Chalks, Carbon Black, Foundry Clay & Sands, Talcum Powders, P.V.C. Powders & Pellets, Pigments, Flake Acids, Optical Whitneners, Cement, Polyethylene Powders, Paint Powders, Herbicides, Paper Chalks, Ant Eggs, Color Concentrates.

Grinding: Dried Breads & Rolls, Cookies, Crackers, Sandwich Cookies & Crackers, Chips, Expanded Snacks, Cereals, Popcorn, Caramel Corn, Pretzels, Peanuts, Parmesan Cheese, Detergent & Soap Powders, Brake Pads

De-Clumping and Singulation: Dried Fruits, Confections, Caked Food Ingredients, Sugars, Salts, Starches, Caked, Powdered or Granular Chemicals, Sodium Nirite, Ammonium Sulfate, Flaked Acids, Herbicides, Color Concentrates, Toppings, Granolas

Dry Blending: By recycling materials through the machine a lump-free, homogeneous, dry blend may be prepared. Any of the above materials can be handled. Typical examples of blending applications include: Powdered Soups, Instant Coffee, Bakery Mixes, Vending Products, Powdered Paints, and Pilot Plant Batches in a variety of industries.

after gummiesElevating and Conveying: In addition to all the above uses, elevators and conveyors can be added to the machine (depending on the type of machine) to give a discharge point of up to 200 feet distant and up to 100 feet vertical. The gentle conveying action has been used to transport delicate materials like cereal flakes, dried vegetables, and raisins.

Liquid Addition: Spray nozzles have been added to the sifter body for continuous addition of fragrances and minor ingredients.

Pre-Heating: Hot air addition in the elevator has been used to pre-heat ingredients for downstream processing.

Aerating: Ingredients may be aerated by the tremendous airflow through the machine. Many packagers use this aerating action to improve filling consistency and packing speeds.

Any machine can be easily configured to carry out sifting and milling/grinding by changing the mesh, impeller, and internal components. This operation may be carried out by hand in minutes. Blending capability should be specified with order to allow for swivel discharge outlet. Contact us directly for more information.